Engine 1-2 2007 Pierce Dash

Engine 1-2 is a 2007 Pierce Dash pumper with seating for 7 personnel. Engine 1-2 is equipped with a 2000 GPM 2 stage pump, 750 gallons of water, 30 gallons of Class A foam, 20 gallons of Class B foam and a CAFS (Compressed Air Foam System). Engine 1-2 also has various hoses, extinguishers and tools on it and is also a State Certified Quick Response Service Provider carrying medical supplies and an A.E.D.

Picture of engine 1-2

Ladder 1 2011 Pierce Velocity

Ladder 1 is a 2011 Pierce Velocity with a climate controlled cab seating 8. Ladder 1 has an assortment of ladders with over 350 feet of ladders. Ladder 1 also has an assortment of hand tools, gas meters, thermal imaging devices, saws, fans and is also equipped with EMS gear and an A.E.D.

Utility 1 2012 Pierce Ford F550

Utility 1 is a custom Pierce Ford F550 14 foot walk around equipped with Whelen L.E.D. warning lights, Pioneer L.E.D. scene lights, Powercall siren, climate controlled cab for 5 personnel. Utility 1 will be the primary Quick Response Service or Emergency Medical Service unit. It will be equipped with forcible entry tools, extinguishers, EMS equipment, S.C.B.A., oil dry and various other tools.