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Feasterville Fire Company is in need of new members! If you have reached the age of 16, recently retired or just want to become more active in your community and have some extra time, We NEED you!

Our current membership is comprised of ordinary people just like you. Our staff includes retirees, police officers, sheriff deputies, construction workers, truck drivers, college professor, teachers, nurses, business owners along with college and high school students. Whatever your occupation, we\’re sure you will fit right in.

We are always in need of emergency responders; Firefighters, Paramedics, E.M.T.s, and Fire Police. Feasterville Fire Company also needs people interested in filling administrative positions and staffing various committees that are vital to our daily operations. We will provide all training and cover the cost of professional coursework and certification through Bucks County Community College\’s Public Safety Training Programs. All specialized equipment, gear and uniforms are provided by Feasterville Fire Company.


  • Nationally recognized firefighter certification
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Lasting friendships (brotherhood)
  • Township pool membership
  • Free WiFi onsite
  • Rental Hall Privileges
  • Career resume development and enhancement
  • Life Insurance
  • Workman\’s Compensation Insurance offered if necessary

Scholarships Available for Volunteer Firefighters

Many organizations recognize the service provided by volunteer firefighters and offer scholarships to assist firefighters in their higher education. Feasterville firefighters are eligible for these programs.